Sopotnica waterfalls

At the initiative of our member, Aleksandar Pušica, on 17th – 18th October our club organized a two-day trip to the waterfalls in the area of the village of Sopotnica, near Prijepolje.

The village of Sopotnica lies on the slopes of the mountain Jadovnik, at an altitude of 1,200 m and 15 km away from the town of Prijepolje. It is a village of gurgling springs and waterfalls. The waterfalls that come from the Sopotnica river are up to 20 m high. The attractive waterfalls and cascades resemble unique decorations woven into the ambience of ancient rural architecture consisting of mills and rolling mills. The symbol of Sopotnica is also the siga stone from which the nearby medieval monasteries of Mileševa, Sopoćani and Davidovica, as well as the famous Bridge on the Drina river were built.

The overnight stay was organized in a mountain lodge where our hosts were Dragan Petrić and Ilija Andrejić, our famous alpinists and visionaries who introduced us to the beauties of this area. We also had the opportunity to try the famous specialties of Polimje with the inevitable buckwheat pie, homemade cheese and cream in a nearby rural household run by a charming and very capable Dragana.

During Sunday morning, part of our group headed to Kamena Gora, another attraction of this area known for its 500-year-old white pine, and the other part of the group tried hiking to the top of Kablar.

We will do our best to organize as many similar club gatherings in the future with the aim of strengthening ties between our club members and getting to know the natural beauties of the country we live in.


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