Vasilija Suljagic

Vasilija Suljagic
Club member


Membership since: 4/21/2020

Professional background:

Involved in neuromarketing field, so far consulted clients from the projects beginning to an end, worked with clients such as Coca-Cola, National Bank of Dubai, Deutsche Telekom, Societe Generale, USAID. Experienced with running projects for clients from banking, FMCG, and telecommunications industry. Specialized in eye-tracking and creating/presenting client reports and upon need, holding workshops. Speaks 4 languages fluently (Serbian, Russian, English and German).

Academic background:

Defended the first master thesis in neurostrategy at the Middlesex UniversityLondon/Faculty of Organizational Sciences, in Belgrade, Serbia. Scientific papers were presented in the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, the country’s most renowned academic institution. Member of the Serbian Neuroscience Society (belonging to the international FENS network).