Jovana Jokanovic

Jovana Jokanovic

President 2022/2023



Rotary Club membership since 12 June 2018.

Professional and private biography

Jovana Jokanovic was born in Belgrade on September 11, 1990. She graduated from the High School of Design in Belgrade. She completed her academic and master’s studies at the Belgrade Banking Academy in the field of Investment Banking. She is employed by Swiss Rockets as a graphic designer. He is engaged in painting, writing poetry and prose.

Rotary biography

She became a member of the Rotary Club Belgrade-Dedinje in 2017. For several years, she served as the club’s treasurer and was a member of the Board of Directors.


  • Club treasurer 2018/2019
  • Club treasurer 2019/2020
  • Club treasurer 2020/2021
  • Club treasurer 2021/2022