Rotary Club Beograd Dedinje

Who are we?

Our core organization (Rotary International) exists for more than 100 years and Rotary Club Beograd Dedinje is a member of it since 2009. Our club consists of leaders from different professions such as doctors, economists, engineers, artists, etc. Our core principles are the foundation on which our values and traditions are.

What and who are “Rotarians”?

Rotarians represent over one million of your neighbours, friends and business partners who are trying to create positive change in our communities. A unique opportunity for prospects of our work, which is reflected in our common passion for “serving to the community”, come from our different cultures, occupations and countries.

Our ancestors and our mission

Featured “old” Rotarians were Mihailo Petrovic Alas, Ivo Andric, Thomas Edison, Thomas Mann, Neil Armstrong, etc. They have recognized the problems in the society of that period and we are trying to identify the specific causes of the problem in our society nowadays. Rotarians are trying to give service contributed to some of them to diminish or to disappear.

Rotary Theme 2022-2023