Igor Mijatovic

Igor Mijatovic, PHF

Vice President 2021/2022

Igor Mijatovic

Rotary ID 8650092
Membership Rotaract 2011-2016

Rotary since 9th September, 2016

E-mail imijatovic@rotarydedinje.com
URL Igor Mijatovic

Private and professional biography

Igor Mijatovic was born in Belgrade, on 9 August 1985. He finished IX Belgrade high school in 2004. After that, Igor enrolled Faculty of Computer Science (2004-2008) where he received his diploma in Computing science. Igor is a member of the Faculty Council and he works as a manager of the faculty. In addition, he is also an assistant on two subjects and regulate internet magazine where he published a number of articles. He participated in the organization of a large number of information events and seminars: Balkanijada 2009, RAF IT Days, RAF Challenge, and others. He is married to Tanja and has one child, Stefan.

Rotaract biography

Igor Mijatovic became a member of the Rotaract club on 20th January 2011 and shortly thereafter became a member of the Club board. In Rotarian 2013/2014 he served as President of the Rotaract Club. Nowadays, he is an honorary member of Rotaract Club and member of Rotary Club Beograd Dedinje.

Igor participated in all important matters relating to the Rotaract club since its establishment: web site making, branding the Club, registrations in the Business Registers Agency. Igor, also, organized a number of humanitarian activities, and he is most proud of the organization of assistance after the floods in 2014, when the Rotaract club hosted friends from the Netherlands and France, as well as the celebration of the fifth anniversary of the Club. He represented our Rotaract club at the REM (Rotaract European Meeting) in Belgrade (2011), Turin (2012), Istanbul (2015) and St. Petersburg (2016).

Rotary biography

Igor Mijatovic made and edit the official website of the Club. Also, He served as President of Rotary Club in 2017/2018, and He was member of Club board in rotarian 2016/2017, 2018/2019 and 2019/2020. Since the Rotary 2019/2020, he is the holder of the Rotary award Paul Harris Fellow.


Who dares – can, who doesn`t fear – goes forward!
Duke Zivojin Misic
Rotary Rotary:

  • Club Secretary 2016/2017
  • President 2017/2018
  • Vice president 2018/2019
  • Vice president 2019/2020
  • ADG (Assistant District Governor) – 2020/2021
  • Vice president 2020/2021


  • Club board 2010/2011
  • Club service – Club board 2011/2012
  • Vice President – Club board 2012/2013
  • President 2013/2014
  • District 2483 – Assistant for Belgrade 2014/2015
  • Club board 2014/2015