Help for young talents – Harp for music school “Mokranjac”

As part of the now traditional actions of our club “Help for young talents”, this year we decided to, in accordance with our capabilities, support the purchase of instruments for students of the Mokranjac Music School. In a conversation with the director of the school, Mr. Trajković, we learned that the school is collecting donations for the purchase of the harp and directed our funds in that direction. Today, 22.02. we visited the school, delivered a donation and spent a pleasant time in the company of the school principal.

We hope that our modest contribution will speed up the purchase of this much-needed instrument and that young talents will be able to practice and progress more easily.

Mokranjac Music School was founded on September 21, 1899 in Belgrade under the name Serbian Music School and is the oldest music pedagogical institution, in the historical context extremely important for the development of music education, upbringing and music culture in Serbia. The founder of the school was the Belgrade Singing Society, an institution of culture in Serbia in the second half of the 19th century, and Stevan Mokranjac, Stanislav Binički and Cvetko Manojlović were elected members of the School Council and teachers.