Handover of presidential duties – 2019

On Saturday, June 29, 2019, we organized handover of presidential duties in the pleasant atmosphere of the Salas Stremen in Jakovo. This was also the 38th regular meeting of the Club in the current Rotarian Year. We have summarized the impressions of the previous year in which our members are allocated over 150 hours of community service, carried out many actions, among which stand out: Shopping sticks for the blind and visually impaired people, as well as donations of hospital beds. This year, our Club donated over 12,000Eur, or about 1000Eur per member of the Club.

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Club President Nikola Stojadinovic handed over the rotary line to the President of the Club for 2019/2020 Dragoslav Andric and then tied the tile with his name on the back. After the occasional speeches, former President Igor Mijatovic, on behalf of all members of the Club, handed recognition to Nikolic Stojadinovic as a gratitude for everything that was done in his mandate.

All participants agreed that the previous Rotary Year was more than successful for both Clubs and we gave full support to the new Presidents with the desire to do a little more in the next year to help those who need our help most needed.