Celebration of the 113th year of Rotary International, National Theater of Serbia

Our Club participated in the celebration of the 113th anniversary of the founding of Rotary International in the National Theater in Belgrade. On this occasion, 1.000.000 dinars (about 8.500 EUR) were collected for young people’s filharmony.

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Part of the text of the official website of our district 2483:

On the occasion of the anniversary of the Rotary organization, the Rotarians of Serbia and Montenegro donated 1.000.000 dinars to the Youth Philharmonic Orchestra “Borislav Pašćan”. At the ceremony at the National Theater in Belgrade, the donation was given by District Governor Dr Bane Randjelovic.

Rotary organization in Serbia marked the 113th anniversary of the world’s Rotary International on Friday, February 23rd. Our organization gathers 1.2 million professionals of various profiles, in almost all countries of the world, who are ready to make available to their local community in order to improve their humanitarian work and knowledge. We are gathered with good will and idea to help others. At the local level, we try to recognize important problems and to solve them with their knowledge, contacts, money and volunteer work. On a global level, with the support of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, we are successfully working to eradicate childhood paralysis, as one of the more serious infectious diseases.

“Rotary once again demonstrates that it is fully committed to achieving humanitarian goals. We celebrate the jubilee of our organization by helping our community, providing 1,000,000 dinars for the young Philharmonic Orchestra “Borislav Pašćan”. This shows our concern for culture, care for education and youth care, and therefore our future.”, Dr Bane Randjelovic, the first man in Rotary for Serbia and Montenegro, told the media.

That evening, in addition to marking the anniversary, we enjoyed the performance of the National Theater “Izbiračica”, and it was also honored and respected to the meritorious individuals and new members of the Rotary organization.

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