10th anniversary

Rotary Club Belgrade Dedinje celebrated its 10th birthday in the beautiful ambiance of the Aero Club restaurant and more than 100 guests on Friday, May 17, 2019. Also, our Rotaract Club celebrated its 9th anniversary.

The celebration began with a cocktail of welcome with a convenient music program. The hosts at the celebration were Igor Mijatovic, past President of our Club and Marijana Krunic, President of our Rotaract Club. First of all, we present the goals of our Rotary and Rotaract Club Belgrade Dedinje to all participiants, also special plaques were handed to our members Dragoslav Andric and Slobodan Stankov, who have been in permanent membership in the Club since its establishment.

We took this opportunity to our Charter President Predrag Djordjevic and the club’s godfather Radosav Mitrovic. The Governor of our district, Vladimir Matic, attended the official dinner, he emphasized the importance and contribution of our Club to the Rotarian community. Our birthday was attended by the District Rotaract Representative (DRR) Simona Zimonjic, who praised the work of our Rotaract Club.

Club President Nikola Stojadinovic took the opportunity to present all members of our Club to attendees. In addition, Rotarian badges were handed to our new members Igor Raku and Marijana Krunic.

Our celebration had a humanitarian character, we organized a humanitarian trampoline in order to raise funds for the purchase of white poles that will be donated to associations of blind and visually impaired persons throughout Serbia.

At the celebration, besides our friends, representatives of the following Clubs were also present: InerWheel Club Beograd Singidunum, Rotary Club (RC) Beograd, RC Beograd Cukarica, RC Beograd Global, RC Beograd Singidunum, RC Beograd Stari grad, RC E-Klub, RC Beograd Kalemegdan, RC Novi Sad, RC Potomac Bethesda (USA), RC Pozarevac Viminacijum, Rotaract Club (RTC) Beograd, RTC Beograd Centar, RTC Beograd Čukarica, RTC Beograd Dunav, RTC Beograd Sava, RTC Beograd Singidunum, RTC Beograd Skadarlija, RTC Beograd Stari grad i RTC Kragujevac.

We thank all the people who gave us support for further work.


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