Ultramarathon racer Ivan Miskelin was the guest speaker at our Club`s meeting

On Tuesday, October 24th, our regular meeting was attended by Ivan Miškeljin, Serbia’s triple champion in the ultra marathon. Ivan was in Japan, where an ultra marathon of 100 km was organized.  Unfortunately, the strong wind prevented him from this run. The race was shortened to 46 km and our Ivan was the fastest.

The lecture was very interesting because Ivan talked about the life of ordinary Japanese. In the country of the rising sun, our marathon was greeted very nicely. Maybe the reason was that he was the first European to this race, which has existed since 2000.

When he visited a Buddhist temple, the priest offered him “a new philosophy of life”, and our great friend of the Club gave it to us on this occasion: “Every moment of pleasure in life should be transferred to second, seconds to minutes, minutes to hour, hour to day, day to month, month to year, and year to entire life.”

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