“THANK YOU for your sacrifice, effort and energy in the fight against Covid” – Aleksandar Kricak

“Late weekend evening, cold February, boiling on the second floor of the VMC Karaburma hospital, doctors with some special energy without fear are looking for a way to victory.The older man, in his 70s, is in the hospital in shock for the first time in his life. He is lying in bed next to me, he is on oxygen, he is switching on the measuring and control devices. Some devices do not work, Dr. Nikolina decides to bring another device, remove the foil from it, connect it according to the instructions from the book, adjust the parameters, but it does not work. She calls support by phone, waits for the softwareman who answers with a delay and gives instructions as a programmer. Nikolina performs carefully without drawing attention to anything else, and after two full hours the device starts working and helps the older man. The situation in the room is normalizing … ”

How much energy and desire is needed to help. Every day, they left me a handful of similar examples as a task to tell them how important they are to us and how great these people are hidden under spacesuits.

Our club Belgrade Dedinje wanted to say with one message, through a “small action”, to tell doctors, interns, nurses, brothers, practitioners, the entire medical staff with drivers, hygienists, EVERYONE, who for less than two years continuously, dedicatedly, humanely, professionally and selflessly doing their job of healing us from Covid.

The action consisted of donating 150 books by domestic and foreign renowned writers, with bookmarks attached with the message “Thank you very much for your sacrifice, effort and energy in the fight against Covid” with the Rotary logo. We carried out the action in cooperation with the publishing house “Portalibris” from Belgrade, which recognized the goal and purpose of this noble work. During the previous month, after the agreement, we were admitted to the office of the Commander of the VMC Karaburma Hospital, Dr. Ivo Udovicic, doctor, nurses, brothers, interns, for a relaxed conversation and mutual gratitude. Rotarians know about your actions and commitment, and as people from our community, we say “THANK YOU” because with this kind of work, there will come a day when there will be no more pandemics and there will be control of the virus that is changing. Everything looks more picturesque through the attached photos of our Rotary club.

On behalf of the Rotary Club Belgrade Dedinje,
Former patient of VMC Karaburma
Aleksandar Kricak

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