Rotarians at the Belgrade Marathon

Rotary Club Belgrade Dedinje is launching an action called: Rotarians at the Belgrade Marathon. On this occasion we invite all members of Rotary and Rotaract Clubs from our district to join our action. The aim of the action is to run a half-marathon in April 2018. In order to achieve this goal, we will prepare in cooperation with our friend Ivan Miškelj, the Serbian champion in ultra marathon. In other words, Ivan will be our coach. The member of our Club, Slobodan Stankov, provided free cardiological examination for all interested participants, and our Club will give to all of them t-shirts with the coat of arms of Rotary International, in order to be recognizable.

In order to arrange a training session, all interested parties should be registered via mail:, and detailed information will be forwarded to you when we create a group of future marathoners.