Lecture – The True Fairy Tale of Serbian Science by Aleksandra Ninkovic Tasic

On Thursday, November 28th, we had the honor of listening to a lecture by Aleksandra Ninković Tašić entitled “The True Fairy Tale of Serbian Science” organized by our Rotaract club and with our wholehearted help with the organization. An impressive lecture that left everyone present breathless and repeatedly brought to tears! We learned some unknown and less known things about Pupin, Tesla, Milankovic, Mika Alas, Ivan Djaja and others, about their lives, passions, successes, relationships and dreams.

The goal of the lecture has been accomplished- young people have been directed to look at the stars!

The synergy created between the lecturer and the attendees was apparent when no one wanted to leave the hall after the lecture was over. We thank all our dear friends who attended this lecture and special thanks goes to the wonderful lady, Alexandra Ninković Tašić, who brought some new light into our lives and revealed to us many tacit and forgotten truths!

It was a great honor to host a heroine of our age!

Our Club member Jovana Jokanovic recorded a lecture that we present to you.