Lecture – Smart glove

At the regular meeting of the Club, Tuesday, December 11, we have opportunity to hear an extraordinary lecture by Nikola Krstic about his “Smart glove”.

Nikola Krstic, a young inventor and a student of the Faculty of Computer Engineering, built a “smart glove” with the aim of helping blind and visually impaired people. This glove detects the distance of the object, the brightness of the light, even recognizes the faces and emotions. In addition to being the author of this unique invention in the world, he has won a number of diplomas both from republican competitions in physics, electrical engineering, and from other fields such as entrepreneurship.

Nikola Krstic said about his invention: “A smart glove for the blind is a multifunctional device whose primary purpose is to facilitate the carrying out of everyday activities. Functions differ from the model, but the most important are the orientation in the space, the recognition of colors (voice feedback), the recognition of the intensity of light, the pronunciation of the date and the clock, and when connected to the phone via Bluetooth it is upgraded to a smart assistant – Anor with the help it can to exchange messages, get information from the Internet and the like … “.

Rotary Club Belgrade Dedinje pays special attention to young people. Help for young people is investing in our common future. Presenting one such invention in the Rotarian community has a great importance in raising awareness about our young researchers, who have a bright future.

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