Handover of Presidential duties – 2021

Handover of Presidential duties are held in the cottage of our new President, Nikola Krstic in Ritopek. We gathered on the eve of Vidovdan on June 27, and in a cheerful atmosphere we saw off the outgoing President, Nadica Marđonović, and welcomed the incoming president. In accordance with the situation in which the world is globally due to the Covid 19 virus pandemic, we performed the handover only in the company of members and a few friends of the bench. The president of the Club handed over the presidential ribbon to Nikola Krstić who introduced (once again) his Club Board, Secretary Filip Ivanica and Treasurer Jovana Jokanović. Board of Directors in Rotary 2021/2022 will also consist of: Former President Nadica Mardjonovic, Vice President of the Club Igor Mijatovic, charter members Slobodan Stankov and Dragoslav Andric.

The idyllic atmosphere, delicious food and quality wine contributed to an even better atmosphere.

We wish good luck in the work of the upcoming Board of Directors of our Club.

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