Education of young mathematicians, Corfu

Our Club decided to send 3 students from Mathematical high school to Corfu at the end of April 2018. This was a great opportunity for high school students to get to know the island of Corfu and to become acquainted with the glorious part of Serbian history. Our students visited the Serbian house in Corfu, the islands of Vido, Ahileon and Paleokastris. The passengers were: Jelena Ilic, Isidora Burmaz and Mihailo Aleksic.

Jelena Ilic: “We returned yesterday from Corfu in the morning. The journey was very nice, we had a great time and rest. Verica was a great guide and the hotel services were great also. Thank you for given us the opportunity to travel and to visit fabulous Corfu. ”

Our Rotary Club made an unanimous decision that visit to Corfu will be the traditional activity of the Club.

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