Club Meeting – Borovec 2018

The association of sports, physical activity and health has been recognized by the World Health Organization, which in 2004 brought a document on the Global Strategy for Healthy Nutrition, Physical Activity and Health, as well as the Resolution on the Promotion of Health and a Healthy Lifestyle. Our Club is very active in this field, we play football and conquer Rotarian tournaments, we run marathon and ski.

This year we organized for the first time a joint departure to Borovets (Bulgaria) for skiing. Our club has many-year-old skiers, but also beginners. President Club Igor Mijatovic, who was appointed as ski instructor more than 10 years ago, promised beginners that he will teach them to ski. We look forward to socializing, and we will use the visit to Borovec and to socialize with our Rotarian friends from Bulgaria.

We thank our member, Nadi Mardjonovic, for the idea and organization of this action that will became our traditional activity.