Dusan Nesic

Dušan Nešić

Sekretar 2022/2023


Rotary Club membership since November 1st 2022.


Professional and private biography

Professionally, Dušan has been involved in education for many years, and has taught economics, finance, and teaching skills to other educators and professors. He worked as an advisor and consultant in the relations between Asia and Europe, as well as a management consultant. He currently works as Director of Operations at the NGO PIBBSS (Principles of Intelligent Behavior in Biological and Social Systems) where he supports the development of science in the field of artificial intelligence security.

Rotary biography

Dušan D. Nešić has been a member of the Rotary family since 2013. Then he started his career in Rotaract Club Hult Shanghai, as charter president. After that, he became the president of the Rotaract Shanghai club, and then served as DRR for District 0052 China for two years. After returning to Serbia, he joined the Dedinje Rotary Club as Secretary, where he currently serves in that capacity.


  • Charter President of Club Hult Shanghai 2013/2014
  • President of Rotaract Shanghai 2014/2015
  • DRR for District 0052 China 2016/2017
  • DRR for District 0052 China 2017/2018