New Year’s gifts 2019

On Wednesday, December 25th, our Club has completed two New Year’s events that we have carefully and lovingly planned. In this special part of the year, we wanted to rejoice those of us who live some different lives and share the joy of Christmas holidays with us. First of all, we visited the Maternity Home in Zvecanska 52 where we spoke with the manager and on that occasion donated a second-hand wardrobe for their youngest users, children aged 0-5. The maternity home provides care and support for young underage and socially disadvantaged mothers, and also helps them integrate into society and find a job. Afterwards, we had the honor and pleasure to visit the Day Care Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities at Sekirova 8, where we were pleased to welcome their customers with New Year’s packages. On this occasion, in company of the manager of Hope, we visited their facility and socialized with the users of the Stay. We had the opportunity to see extraordinary works of art made by the users of the center, to listen to them sing, recite and experience a special way of celebrating the New Year holidays. Our club will strive to continue to support these institutions in the future.

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