Igor Rako

Igor Rako

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Membership since 5/17/2019


Born on 13th of December 1987 in Belgrade. Finished V Belgrade gymnasium in 2006, after which he graduated from Faculty of Law – University of Belgrade in 2011.
During the period from 2011 until 2013, he finished his internship as lawyer trainee in Gradimir Nalić’s Law office. In 2014 he passed bar exam and lawyer exam, and since July 2014 he started practising law.
Until the beginning of 2018 he worked as independent lawyer in cooperation with law office Nalić, after which he stopped practicing law for a short period of time and founded work relationship with company „Atria Group SEE“ LLC from Belgrade on the position of Executive Director. Beginning in December 2018, he started practicing law again.
Married and father of one child.
Became member of Rotary Club Beograd Dedinje during the celebration of ten year anniversary since the foundation of the Club i.e. since 17th of May 2019.